Warrior Hearted Scholarship Guidelines


Criteria – Who is Eligible?

  • Those who legally reside within Los Angeles and Orange Counties
  • Must have a medical diagnosis, current IEP, or current 504.
          A copy of at least one of these must be submitted with application
  • Must have a financial need or compelling special circumstances
  • Applicant must not have been awarded a scholarship within the past 12 calendar months.

Scholarships will not be awarded for:

  • Medical cost
  • Legal fees or costs
  • Private education

Scholarship award amount: Not to exceed $500.00

Scholarship Eligibility Provisions:

  • Scholarships will not be awarded if requested service is covered by applicant’s medical insurance.
  • If scholarship is for service, the service provider must be properly accredited.
  • If requested service is a Regional Center provided service, we will require a denial of service letter from the Regional Center.
  • If scholarship is for equipment (e.g., wheelchair ramp etc.), it must be accompanied with an insurance denial letter.
  • Application will be reviewed and decision notification sent to applicant within 60 days of application receipt.
  • No scholarships will be awarded when the service or equipment provider is a member of Warrior Hearted Board of Directors. If such a scholarship is requested,    providers other than those on the Board of Directors will be investigated and pursued to meet the requested need.


Disbursement and Tracking of Scholarship Money:

  • Invoice for scholarship award money must be sent directly from service provider
  • Warrior Hearted must receive invoice directly from service provider within 180 days of notification of approval
  • Any scholarship award not used within 180 days of approval date will be deemed void.


Warrior Hearted will consider scholarships throughout the year as long as funds are available.

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