Get this cute puppy with a $15 donation!

Get this cute puppy with a $15 donation! Available at any event.

Please help support Warrior Hearted Special Children’s Foundation through a $15 donation for this very cute and lovable Warrior Hearted Puppy. Your donation helps us to offer financial support for special needs children to access a variety of services, educational workshops, and programs.

Medical and developmental disabilities have a profound effect upon children and their families. We are an umbrella charity organization that affiliates with a wide array of non-profit organizations. Our umbrella fund provides you with the opportunity for a charitable donation that benefits the entire spectrum of challenged children.

Our Mission at Warrior Hearted Special Children’s Foundation is to offer financial support for special needs children to access a variety of services, educational workshops, and programs.

Who We Are:

We are a non-profit charity with a purpose of providing financial resources to the children within our special needs community. There are many special needs children that fall between gaps; they don’t meet the criteria to qualify for Regional Center Services and/or receive sufficient benefits through insurance companies. Those benefits that would allow families to access and provide recommended and necessary therapies to assist their children to thrive are just not offered. They are, however, available.   The price is left to the parents who in many cases are not able to pay. Consequently, the child suffers. We can help fix that!

We have found that it can be a battle getting our special children what they need. Whether we are dealing with insurance companies, services from a regional center, or assistance in their school districts. We want to help children in getting the help they need in order to become as successful as they can be.

The goal of Warrior Hearted is to build a foundation that narrows the gap for those children who fall between the cracks. (The children who do not qualify for regional center services or that are not covered or minimally covered by insurance companies). This foundation will provide resources and information to parents with special needs. Every child deserves that chance.

Warrior Hearted will be funding through individuals and companies who are experts in their field who recognize the needs and are qualified to provide specific services.

We want to build an alliance with social service organizations, hospitals, camps, and schools caring for the developmentally disabled children and others with special needs. Many of our children come from communities that cannot afford the one-to-one specialized care and expensive equipment necessary for them to thrive. We will provide funding through donations that make it possible to provide special needs programs for educationally, emotionally, and physically challenged.

With support from people like you, we can help these children get the services they need to thrive.